Scenic retuns to South America

The vibrant wonders of South America are yours to explore again


Scenic invites you to surrender yourself to a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, tastes, aromas and sensations that is South America. Back by popular demand, our invigorating South America program takes you to the heart of the untouched Amazonian wilderness, deep into the lost Incan city of Machu Picchu, exploring the incredible Galápagos Islands and into the passionate, colourful and spectacular lands of Patagonia, Ecuador and Brazil.

In terms of beauty and vitality, South America is unique. Nature and culture join hands to treat you to an explosion of colour everywhere you look. Prepare to encounter vivid hues in the most unusual places. From turquoise blue-footed seabirds and multicoloured crustaceans, to the vibrant headdresses of baby alpacas and pastel shades of Castro’s wooden stilt houses, South America is an unending rainbow with the possibility of a pot of gold at the end.

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Explore the wild side of South America

South America’s beating heart can be found in its unspoiled, untamed wilderness and its ancient tribes. Explore the ‘lungs of the planet’, the Amazon Rainforest, on a luxurious cruise as you meander through the tributaries of the Amazon River and encounter unique flora and fauna like rare orchids, the playful pink dolphin, or lazy sloths. You will also have the exclusive opportunity to visit local villages and schools and interact with native Amazonian tribes.

Witness 'Survival of the Fittest' in the flesh

A ‘living museum of and showcase of evolution’, the Galápagos Islands are an untouched utopia that’s bursting with unique wildlife. The incredible and rare ecosystem inspired Charles Darwin to form his legendary ‘Origin of the Species’ and subsequently the theory of evolution. Several of the unique species that inspired Darwin still call these islands home and Scenic gives you a chance to say hello to the seldom shy inhabitants on a luxurious

cruise and shore excursions. Expect to meet blue-footed boobies, fur seals, marine iguanas, flamingos, herons, albatross, and maybe even the endangered Galápagos giant tortoise.

"A ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’, the Galápagos Islands is an untouched utopia that’s bursting with unique wildlife"

Discover the Incan treasures

Several centuries ago, the Incans proved it was possible to build castles in the sky when they built the mighty Machu Picchu 2,430 metres above sea level. Come and explore this astonishing lost city on a scenic train ride along with other spectacular Incan relics like the Salineras de Maras – ancient salt pans still in use today, and the Sacsayhuamán fortress. Relive the bygone era through guided walking tours and delight in private local music performances, delicious Andean fare and other experiences characteristic of Peru.

Experience the Joi de Vivre of Brazil

Brazil, the largest country of the South American continent, has a lot more to offer than just the Carnival in Rio de

Janeiro. With its thundering waterfalls, tremendous mountains and stunning native wildlife, Brazil is a captivating retreat. The magnificent Iguazú Falls are like nothing you’ve ever witnessed. With 275 falls coming together across a width of nearly three kilometres, the falls easily give both Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls a run for their money. A tour through the country’s former capital, Rio, is a multi-sensory delight, as you experience local life and culture first hand. Ride the cogwheel railway to the top of Corcovado Mountain to see the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and indulge in a delicious Brazilian Churrascaria experience.

"Wild and serene at the same time, Patagonia offers a kind of peace that makes you wonder if you’ve found paradise."

Enjoy paradisiacal Patagonia

Patagonia is a truly unique landmass surrounded by a different ocean on each of the three coasts – the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Southern Ocean – and offering some of the most spectacular vistas in the world. Soaring granite mountains, lush forests, distinctive wildlife, magnificent glaciers, cerulean lakes, and the largest ice-fields in the Southern Hemisphere after Antarctica. Wild and serene at the same time, Patagonia offers a kind of peace that makes you wonder if you’ve found paradise. From Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia, to El Calafate in Argentinian Patagonia, Scenic will delight you with unique encounters and extraordinary experiences as you sip a glass of whisky on the rocks, consisting of actual glacial ice.

Icons of South America

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South America in Depth, Galapagos & Amazon

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