Scenic Neptune

Witnessing marine life in its natural habitat takes on a new dimension when you’re below the ocean’s surface

Scenic Eclipse is redefining ocean cruising in many exciting and innovative ways. And one such feature that is certain to pique your interest, is our state-of-the-art submarine, Scenic Neptune.

Along with our on board helicopters, Zodiacs and Kayaks, Scenic Neptune provides a new dimension in discovery, giving you the unique opportunity to dive deep into the crystal clear waters of the ocean, right from Scenic Eclipse itself.
Scenic Neptune is a U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7. It’s capable of diving to a depth of 300 metres, and boasts spacious seating for up to six guests, plus our pilot.

We’ve had Scenic Neptune custom-built for optimal comfort, safety and sightseeing - including air conditioning and climate control. Making sure our excursions under the ocean are truly unforgettable for all.

Whether passengers are gasping at fascinating marine life, marvelling at colourful coral reef or inspecting underwater ruins up close… the possibilities are endless with our on board Scenic Neptune.


Ayers Rock

Unrivalled underwater views for all

All passengers on board Scenic Neptune will share the same astounding, uninterrupted views.

The lateral movement capabilities allow the submarine to approach underwater points of interest in a way that gives those on board the best views at all times. And with seats mounted on revolving platforms, you can swivel 280 degrees to see in all directions through the vessel’s two large,ultra-clear acrylic spheres. So you never miss a moment on your once-in-a-lifetime voyage under the sea.

Take a virtual reality tour of Scenic Neptune...

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