with Scenic Eclipse Director Culinary Operations

Chef Guillermo Muro provides some insight into the culinary delights awaiting you on board Scenic Eclipse.

Tell us a little about your new role as Culinary Director of Scenic Eclipse. What does it involve?

Being the Culinary Director of Scenic Eclipse involves the concept development of all restaurants, bars and food outlets. It is about passion, discipline, and a lot of hard work, with a team of great professionals turning all those detailed plans into reality.

What can guests expect from the dining experience on board Scenic Eclipse?

We will delight our guests with the most amazing food and beverage program ever seen at sea. We have up to 10 dining experiences with differemt menus and flavours, with all venues able to cater for all dietary requirements. We are super excited and cannot wait to see our guests on board enjoying the cuisine – from the time the sun rises until it’s time to go to bed, finishing a very pleasant day on board our amazing discovery yachts.

For breakfast, we will have a selection of smoothies, superfoods, classic choices and much more. There is a wonderful deli café bar, Azure Bar & Café, with the most amazing service of coffee and delicious food, and a French restaurant, Lumière, that will take a modern approach, reinventing classic dishes like steak tartare, chateau briand and much more.

Elements restaurant has a casual grill featuring amazing beef and organic lamb, wonderful vegetables and a lot more. Sushi @ Koko’s has the most amazing ingredients from Japan, prepared by skilled Japanese chefs. Koko’s will showcase a taste of various parts of Asia and a stunning modern Shabu Shabu table that will surprise our Scenic Eclipse guests. Teppanyaki @ Koko’s serves the most exquisite fresh vegetables, lobster, fresh local fish with a traditional Japanese service, sharp as a samurai sword.

Our Chef’s Table @ Elements will offer an exclusive invitation to degustation dining – an eight course dining experience for jut eight guests not to be missed. You can also order from our in-suite dining menu any time of the day served in the comfort of your suite, while enjoying a wonderful view from your balcony.

"We will delight our guests with the most amazing food and beverage program ever seen at sea"

Having spent several years on board luxury cruises around the world, what is it that you think sets Scenic Eclipse apart?

Everything. We don’t see this as a cruise ship, but as a really amazing floating boutique hotel, with spaces uniquely designed for maximum luxury.

Food, service, restaurants, bars, spas, house-keeping – absolutely everything will set new standards, and as a team we are working harder day after day to fine tune and achieve the best results.

Tell us about your background and how you became a chef. What inspired you?

To be honest, I was supposed to be a doctor! I started my training in 2002 in an Alain Ducasse-affiliated university in Rio de Janeiro. I also worked with Chef Rolland Villard for a year and then started travelling and exploring the world. I then went back to university for a second diploma in Technology in Gastronomy and Culinary, before travelling some more - cooking and tasting amazing flavours in 119 countries, by my count.

What drives you? Do you have a philosophy on life? Something you have learned that you carry with you?

Honesty, respect to others and to yourself, discipline, learning every day, and challenging my goals as I achieve them. Working for long periods of time doesn’t always mean success, but knowing where and how to direct that energy is far more productive.

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